Sam Ely and Lynn Harris are London based artists who have worked together since 2002. They use research as a tool to develop works that investigate social and actual structures, creating works that aim to reveal something significant about the production, reception and use value of social and cultural phenomenon. They use various strategies including direct dialogue, writing, curation, digital media, publishing, and service-based gestures in a practice that values that which is often neglected or underrepresented. They believe in collaboration as a positive way to develop cultural dialogue within a community.

They exhibit nationally and internationally and continue to developed Unrealised Projects, a web-based collection of ideas, which has been seen extensively in Europe and the US. They often speak about their practice and curation/collaborating, including at the Cultural Center São Paulo, Museum of Image and Sound São Paulo, the Design Museum, London, the Bartlett School of Architecture/Slade School of Fine Art, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Leicester City Gallery and Galway City Gallery.

They were nominated for Beck’s Futures in 2003 and Jerwood Artists Platform in 2005.