Copyleft Attitude : The Free Art License

Guestroom publication #3, Theft (Dracula Roezlii), 2004
Text work. Reproduction of The Free Art License.

The Free Art license is the English language version of the Licence Art Libre, a French copyleft license for works of art. Created in July 2000, it is the first free license, in the spirit of the GNU General Public License, dedicated to works of art. The Free Art licence authorises the user to freely copy, spread, and transform creative works while respecting the author's rights.

We reproduced the license as a final work of art to hold in suspension the document that defines an ideology, which looks upon creative production as a shared cultural experience rather than individual competition which differentiates producers in a market driven economy.

We present the basic bureaucratic and legal structure of the document as a means in itself. The intention and construction of the document is the work of art.