Banana In The Process of Peeling

5 August – 3 September 2011

We were invited by curator Cecilia Wee to create work for the exhibition 'In Search of Alchemic Times'. The exhibition occupied a former Victorian jewellery shop in the Brompton Design District to explore notions of transformation, decay and regeneration, examining how commonplace resources are reconfigured or repurposed to conjure up new utopias.

Our piece consisted of two parts:

1. Based on a crayon and water-colour drawing made by Claus Oldenburg (Proposals for Monumental Buildings 1965-69), we re-imagined an unrealised monument – a colossal idea realised in miniature – and wearable. .

2. We selected several Unrealised Projects that held relevance to notions of transformation and displayed them underneath black, velvet plinths. You could only read them if you concentrated on one of the many reflective surfaces of the jewellery case. The selected artists were David Cunningham, Neva Elliott, Stephen Willats, Martin Clark, Markus Vater and Paul O'Neill.

Stirling silver, epoxy putty, MDF, fabric, printed matter

Reviewed by Peter Suchin, Art Monthly, 350, 2011 (PDF)