Play List

Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2003
Participatory activity and archive document created as part of Per Huttner’s ‘I Am a Curator’ in which, audience members were invited to curate the space throughout the run of the exhibition.

Each participant selected from artworks that were housed in a specially constructed ‘Support Structure’ created by Gavin Wade and Celine Contorelli.

In response to the overall ideology of participatory action, and in order to create a conduit for the audience member to more comfortably become the curator for the day, we created a set of instructions that we hoped would help engender that person to that space in a very personal way.

We asked the curator to bring in their own set of cd’s to play while installing, for them to build their own personal soundtrack, revealing a personal artistic identity through choice of song, and leaving behind the signature of a play list. The work proved to be one of the most popular throughout the exhibition, we think this is proof of the emotional significance of music and how one identifies oneself through their relationship with it.

All play lists were then made into a photographic publication with opening texts by Per Huttner and Lisa Le Feuvre.

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